Increasing Sales With In-store Ordering On Tablets

Ipad Ordering KiosksElectronic Art has recently deployed an in-store retail ordering system for grocery in the bakery department for our client.  These custom systems utilize tablets as self service kiosk systems to empower customers to control their own experience when ordering in the store. The tablets are locked down in an enclosure to protect the systems and prevent tampering, along with software security.

The grocer loves it because all of the available SKU’s are available for ordering and searchable.  The old fashioned three ring binder system was inefficient, not a measurable media and if a page got torn out… well that Sku just never gets ordered anymore and the retailer is stuck with inventory.

While currently undergoing a pilot deployment phase for a retail grocer they have seen a large measurable increase in sales. While I cannot disclose the amount, it is sizable. Making retailer and vendors very happy while serving the customers needs and desire to use self service technology for interacting with the bakery.  And the best part?  They even take orders after hours when the bakery is closed and the staff have gone home.  Self Service technology can increase sales for your business too.  Contact us to find out more.

How To: Change the scheduling & Content in a Samsung MagicInfo Lite schedule

MagicInfo Lite is digital signage management software that comes with any Samsung commercial grade screen with built in player.  While you pay slightly more for these high quality and durable screens, you don’t need a separate software package to manage your content.  This is a good option for single screen deployments or small networks (1-15 screens).

Here’s a quick video of how to change the scheduling and content of a playlist.



Here’s the steps to update the content in the playlist:

1. Press Magic Info button

2. Select Local Schedule Manager

3. Select the schedule – should have a grey button

4. Select stop

5. Select delete

6. Select Create

7. Select the time and choose default

8. Select Content and choose the new files

9. Select Done

10. Select Save

11. Select Run

12. Press Yes
That’s it!  See the video above for visual reference.  Or visit Samsung’s web site:

Special thanks to the good folks at

Sneak Preview: New Service – Building Directory and Wayfinding

directoryapp_02We thought we’d give you a sneak peak at a new service from Electronic Art coming in 2009,  a new touch screen directory service for  use in large office buildings and complexes.  We’ve all gone to large office’s and tried to find the directory of companies in the building to locate where we need to go. Those static and ugly signs are difficult to manage and keep current, and they can only give you limited information.

So we thought we’d come up with a new digital solution that allows for easy signup and data management via the Web, with a touch screen interface in your lobby to let guests search for companies and  individuals. You can also see detailed profiles, including location, contact info, corporate logos, and pictures.  Phase two will also allow for SMS/Email and IM messaging to let the person know you have arrived for your meetings.

Pricing is based upon the number of people in your building for the online management services. Hardware for the touch screen signage can be leased to make the capital expenditure very low.

We first showed the interface at the October KioskCom tradeshow, and got a great response. We are working hard to get it finalized, and hope to have it ready to go to market in Q2 2009.  Beta testers in the Cincinnati area are welcome to contact us to participate in testing the tools in their office buildings.

An Event Apart Chicago

Chris and I were fortunate enough to be attendees at the sold out conference last week. The event, which covers everything to do with web design, featured some of biggest heavyweights in the field. What I enjoyed most is unlike other conferences I’ve attended in the past, this conference wasn’t too focused on inspiration or selling software, it truly covered a broad range of topics.

We are both really excited about applying what we learned to our current and upcoming projects, and sharing what we can with our team that was unable to attend. I for one am excited to adapt some of the brainstorming/problem solving skills and user interface tips. Borrowing words from a famous chef, we will be cranking up our work a notch.

One final detail, we got a sneak preview of Adobe Creative Suite 4 and I am IMPRESSED. There might not be as much wow factor as previous upgrades, but the usability and workflow changes are much appreciated by your truly.