Increasing Sales With In-store Ordering On Tablets

Ipad Ordering KiosksElectronic Art has recently deployed an in-store retail ordering system for grocery in the bakery department for our client.  These custom systems utilize tablets as self service kiosk systems to empower customers to control their own experience when ordering in the store. The tablets are locked down in an enclosure to protect the systems and prevent tampering, along with software security.

The grocer loves it because all of the available SKU’s are available for ordering and searchable.  The old fashioned three ring binder system was inefficient, not a measurable media and if a page got torn out… well that Sku just never gets ordered anymore and the retailer is stuck with inventory.

While currently undergoing a pilot deployment phase for a retail grocer they have seen a large measurable increase in sales. While I cannot disclose the amount, it is sizable. Making retailer and vendors very happy while serving the customers needs and desire to use self service technology for interacting with the bakery.  And the best part?  They even take orders after hours when the bakery is closed and the staff have gone home.  Self Service technology can increase sales for your business too.  Contact us to find out more.

Writing Content For Mobile

mobile-application-development3While  discussing mobile marketing Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO)  states “The size of the audience makes this – the phone – a mass medium. It’s as important to a marketer as TV. This is as important – if not more important – than television.”  I couldn’t agree more.  As the mobile medium is so much more interactive and measurable. And the content written for mobile consumption must be tailored to that medium.

Intelligent marketers are paying attention to mobile as a highly effective medium for communicating to businesses as well as consumers. The demand to produce mobile content is increasing at an alarming pace. Is your business ready?

Here are some tips on providing the best written content designed for the mobile market:

  • Less is more – your message must be communicated in short blocks. You can apply the “Twitter rule” of 140 characters for each “paragraph.” This can be adjusted up or down slightly – but only slightly – depending on your particular type or style of content.
  • Headlines are king – your headline must grab attention. Make it bold and intriguing so the reader will take the next step.
  • Take some test laps – According to a recent Mashable article you can take an initial run at different techniques to determine what is most effective with your target audience. Note the responses and effectiveness through analytics and by reviewing feedback. If it works, try some other flavors and then rotate the approaches that are most effective.
  • Remember your message – keep your focus on your marketing message and make sure every word is used in the most effective manner to communicate that message.
  • Top down approach – the most important parts of your mobile content should be at the very beginning, which is the opposite of most other forms of writing. Because most mobile readers only spend a few seconds on each subject it is crucial to get the message across sooner rather than later.

The demand for mobile content writing will only escalate as mobile usage grows. Already we see a demand for mobile ready content in blogs, articles and web content for our customers as they recognize the mobile audience reading their sites.  And in our mobile app development we use the above methods to hone our messaging.  Now, put your pen to paper… er… or start typing!

EA is now a Scala Certified Partner

Scala CertifiedElectronic Art has recently added Scala digital signage software to it’s list of products available to our clients.  As a Scala InfoChannel Value Added Reseller we can provide Scala licensing, software, installation and support in addition to the digital signage content we provide.  Scala approved player hardware is also available in addition to the multiple LCD vendors we resell such as LG, Samsung & Phillips.

InfoChannel is Scala’s digital signage management suite that provides enterprise level features and scalability for large and medium size installations.  InfoChannel provides the ability to collaboratively create, publish, schedule and centrally control media-rich content that can be delivered and dynamically localised at the point of playback to one or thousands of networked displays . As the leader in Dynamic Digital Signage solutions since 1987, the technology has field-proven scalability and 24/7 reliability.

The above image is a simplified version of a typical signage network using Scala InfoChannel tools to manage content provided by Electronic Art.  If you don’t already have a management tool for your digital signage, contact Electronic Art to determine if Scala is right for your digital signage network and see how we can provide rich messaging for your digital signage network.

New Partnership with SAMSUNG for Digital Signage

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Samsung for digital signage components such as their commercial LCD and plasma screens.  Sizes from 32″ to 57″ LCD screens and Samsung even has 70″ and 82″ LCD panels. But you had better bring the budget for those sizes!  Most digital signage falls within the 40″ or 46″ sizes.  Samsung has models with ultra thin bezels around the glass that are not only sleeker looking, but also allow you to put several together for a video wall that have nearly no black borders to draw attention to your message.

Many sizes include options for built in digital content players from Samsung for an integrated approach so you don’t have to have separate PC’s to playback your message. The built in players run Windows XP Embedded, which is a smaller commercial version of Windows XP that gives a very stable environment not made for consumers. And Samsung offers a content management tool called Magic Info Pro to allow the content to be managed across the network for a homogeneous solution. Using their built-in player pc’s allow for a total package with fewer cables, better security and a cleaner installation.  Some of the special features include: lamp error detection, brightness sensor, temperature sensor, built-in fan and more depending on the models.

Contact myself or Rob Brinkmeyer for more information on Samsung products or any of the other digital signage products we offer with our custom digital signage content.  Once you get the hardware, you need custom messaging that is on brand and on target, and that is what Electronic Art can do for you… the total package.