An Event Apart Chicago

Chris and I were fortunate enough to be attendees at the sold out conference last week. The event, which covers everything to do with web design, featured some of biggest heavyweights in the field. What I enjoyed most is unlike other conferences I’ve attended in the past, this conference wasn’t too focused on inspiration or selling software, it truly covered a broad range of topics.

We are both really excited about applying what we learned to our current and upcoming projects, and sharing what we can with our team that was unable to attend. I for one am excited to adapt some of the brainstorming/problem solving skills and user interface tips. Borrowing words from a famous chef, we will be cranking up our work a notch.

One final detail, we got a sneak preview of Adobe Creative Suite 4 and I am IMPRESSED. There might not be as much wow factor as previous upgrades, but the usability and workflow changes are much appreciated by your truly.