Tactile Keyboard versus Onscreen Keyboard

The debate continues, should I use an onscreen keyboard and save myself some hardware costs and have fewer things that can go wrong with my kiosk or interactive digital signage? The answer is: “Sometimes”.
I’ve covered this topic in the past on my Kiosk Blog   and now you can watch a video interview of me discussing the topic at the KioskCom NYC 2008 trade show by going to http://www.selfservice.org where I am featured on the homepage, or the direct link to the article is at: http://www.selfservice.org/article_4457_25.php

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One word can make a big difference

When we first launched the rebuild of the Freedom Center’s new website in May we named the blog the Freedom Forum (against our advice). While traffic to the site over all has been increasing the blog just wasn’t getting the traffic or comments that we were hoping for.

Last week we changes the name of the Freedom Forum to the Freedom Blog, and while over-all traffic to the site has been up a bit, the visits to the blog section have tripled in the last week.