We are looking for a receptionist to backfill our previous, wonderful receptionist. We are an interactive agency specializing in kiosk, digital signage and web interactive. We have a cool creative culture and hope to find a good fit at the front office! A home run for us would be to find a person with design skills who could perform the receptionist duties and light design work as well (bring portfolio and if good it could equal more compensation hourly).

Provide general receptionist duties for our company and 4-5 other small businesses in our building. Duties include general receptionist, clerical and occasional administrative assistant duties. A good candidate would project a professional company image through in-person and phone interaction.

Answer telephones and transfer to appropriate staff member. Meet and greet clients and visitors, and provide basic refreshments when appropriate. Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office. Perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, mailing, and filing. Sign for and distribute UPS/Fed Ex/Airborne packages and setup outgoing shipments. Coordinate and maintain records for staff office space, phones, parking and office keys. Clean and maintain the front entryway, conference rooms (2) and small kitchenette. Make coffee, clean dishes (dishwasher) and take out the trash (sucks, but somebody has to do it!). Setup and coordinate meetings and conferences. Occasionally support other staff in assigned project based work, and other duties as assigned. Your primary duty is answering phones and greeting guests… and that’s pretty darn easy. As a matter of fact, its a slow pace so bring a good book.

Compensation is $9.00 per hour full time (40 hrs a week). Hours are from 8:00am – 5pm Monday – Friday (could be flexible on start/stop times). We enjoy a creative work environment, and benefits such as paid vacation, paid holidays, sick days, free parking and more.

Located in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati, Electronic Art is an equal opportunity employer, we welcome diversity.

Posted 2-01-2013