Kiosk Software

Self Service kiosk software is our specialty and it’s where our creative programming talents really shine. We’ve created touch screen enabled software for clients such as Verizon Wireless, GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Aventis, Charbroil Grills, IBM, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and several lesser known kiosk savvy companies. Being an interactive agency with a focus on interactive kiosks we are brand conscious software company that can assist you with your initiatives from start to finish. Design, build & deploy all from one vendor with a complete understanding of your needs allows our projects to win awards and be strategic in all aspects.

We are primarily a custom software studio which means that we craft your tools from the ground up to ensure that it meets all of your business rules and logic. In other words, it works the way you do. We don’t ask you to change your business processes to fit our pre-existing applications that were originally designed for someone else… no, no… you’ll get exactly what you need and it will integrate with your current systems and marketing initiatives. Now don’t let the word “custom” fool you, many tools are similar and we have code that we can re-use to shorten the time to delivery when appropriate. Our agency is used to working fast but we also like to get it right, and sometimes that takes time.


We often consult for large brands on details of kiosk projects before being able to draft proposals and specifications. Often a company like your own has the ideas on how a kiosk can fit with your current marketing strategies, but lets face it, you’re not a technology expert that’s not your focus. It’s ours, and that’s why we become an integral player in your team. An initial consulting phase is the due diligence that scopes out the needs of the project and helps build the project plan specifications that enable accurate pricing and appropriate software and hardware for your kiosk project. Engage our creative team to be a part of your team, have us consult on your project immediately. Give us a call.


We evaluate every project for the appropriate technologies to use. We program in many different languages depending on what works best with the requirements. This might include Microsoft technologies such as C#, XML, REST / JSon, Adobe Flash, PHP, Javascript, Xcode, HTML5 and proprietary tools to achieve the desired results. Often we need to integrate with corporate databases such as SQL or MySQL via web services, API’s or direct ODBC connectivity which is a breeze for us. We staff full time IT professionals that work with your staff and our programmers to ensure connectivity and interoperability. We build our software to work with a variety of kiosk operating systems such as Site Kiosk or NetKey. These kiosk security systems provide rich features and full security to ensure maximum uptime for your kiosk network. It also means that we don’t have to recreate the wheel for these features and can focus on the software and branding.