Kiosk Hardware

There are many kiosk form factors available based upon your needs. Some are standard offerings that fit 80% of most projects.  Below are some standard types of hardware. View the details to learn which kiosk hardware is right for your project. And we have many more in our ONLINE CATALOG at where we showcase many brands and styles that we resell and integrate.

Types Available

All In One

All In One (AIO) refers to having the LCD screen, PC and sometimes peripherals built into one unit such as the Toshiba example you see here. The thin LCD panel can be mounted directly to a wall, used with a table top stand or mounted on a pedestal stand.

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Podium Kiosk Stand

Pedestal Stands

Free standing mounts for All In One kiosks. These provide many ways of providing self service in a portable or temporary way.
Often used for trade shows, churches, attended retail or anywhere you need to put a kiosk without a big foot print.

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We have many printers available within our kiosks.  Often they come built into the enclosures but sometimes a specialty print situation or use of a consumer oriented printer is desired.

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 Goya Kiosk

Fully Enclosed Kiosks

The traditional computer kiosk or public terminal as many people know it.  These standard kiosks can be outfitted with many peripherals such as keyboards, receipt printers, card swipe readers (MSR), barcode readers, and many other features.  Custom colors or vinyl overlays are often available.

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Large Screen Kiosks

Large screen kiosks are an effective way to engage your customer. Think BIG and make an impact!

Large touch enabled screens that are mounted on walls or specialty stands.  When you want collaboration with a group, think large panels.

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 We proudly sell the AnyPlace kiosk line from Toshiba (formerly IBM). Visit their web site for full product specs: GoToToshiba_Black_220x70_withshadow