INTERN – Developer

We are looking for students or others who are interested in an internship with Electronic Art (a software company in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati, NOT the big gaming company… sheeez). This is a chance to get real world experience on your resume, and have fun working on challenging projects with fun people. See our portfolio in each section of our web site (Kiosk, Digital Signage, Web) to get an idea of the type of projecs we do. Many of our kiosk apps are Flash interfaces that talk to other services via PHP or .NET, etc. Most of our web development is PHP based. Our digital signage content uses many forms of media including flash, video, motion graphics and traditional still graphic arts. We generally use Adobe based products in a Windows and Mac environment.

Must know how to program in Microsoft languages such as PHP, .NET, C#, VB, etc. or Flash actionscript 3.x.


This is an unpaid position

Located in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati, Electronic Art is an equal opportunity employer, we welcome diversity.