Digital Signage Networks

Brass Tacks… What a Network Looks Like

Networking digital signage is the same as traditional computer networks. There is a server that holds the media, playlists ands schedules that you access (often) via a standard web browser to manage. It talks across a standard TCP/IP network to each player appliance to deliver the content and schedule it needs to play and to get status updates on the health of the player and screen. This can be done via traditional Ethernet cables, Wifi networks, cellular broadband networks and even satellite networks. The server can even talk to screens/players that reside behind network firewalls over standard Port 80 web traffic.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here’s an animation that provides a basic look at your typical digital signage network.

If this still sounds overwhelming, don’t worry — if you’re really thinking about this project correctly, it probably should. The good news is, we can help. Like a good tour guide in a foreign country, Electronic Art provides consulting to help you decide what hardware and software best fits your needs. We can meet with your marketing or IT team and help determine what size network will be most effective at meeting your goals, and what components need to go into that network system to help you get the most bang for your proverbial buck.

Next, a site survey is essential to determining size of screens, location, type of mounts, special mounting requirements and if electric and network cabling needs to be run to the screens. For a small fee our field technicians come to your location to take measurements, photos, peek behind walls and into the ceilings and provide a report to assist in the process. This is required for all installations performed by our staff.

Next Steps

Convinced that a digital sign network is right for you? Maybe you’re still not so sure? Give Electronic Art a call or fill out our contact form — we’d be glad to discuss your options, your goals, and your concerns about entering this brave new world of digital signage.