Outdoor Kiosk Deployment At Amusement Park

Kings Island Amusement Park

Kings Island

In 2016 we sold thirteen outdoor ticketing kiosks to Cedar Fair for their Kings Island amusement park located in Mason Ohio.  These kiosk initially were simply “fast pass” style systems to allow season ticket holders to “swipe and go” as their parking was included with their season pass.  Others still had to pay the more conventional way with humans in the booths.  They included touch screens and barcode readers. Cedar Fair staff created their own software interface to open the parking gate.

Outdoor touch screen kiosks

In 2017 we upgraded the units to include MSR swipe & thermal receipt printer components to allow customers to pay at the kiosk instead of having to employee so many employees to handle payment.

We also sold 9 similar units to Cedar Fair’s southern attraction: Carowinds for the same entry parking system.  How can we help you with your outdoor kiosk initiatives?







Touch Screen Kiosks

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