Can Your Brand Make Me Smile?

So often, brands are only as creative and as fun as their brand managers will allow the agency folks to be.  You can just look at some products and brands or their marketing initiatives and tell that the folks doing the agency work are not allowed to be creative.   Other brands are obviously having fun with their audience.  You can imagine the team working on Mountain Dew, Old Spice, or  are allowed to be creative and run with fun ideas, because their audience expects it.    But Baked Beans is not a product that normally gets to have any fun.  I imagine the brand manager says to the agency:  “Could you make the beans look more glossy…. can you make the dog talk?”   And the creatives at the agency make the dog say something that hardly makes you even listen when you are watching it on TV/Web.  You probably are getting up to get some Mountain Dew out of the refrigerator.

Every now and then, a brand tries to break out of the ordinary and get noticed.  They turn their creatives loose with a budget to support it.  And magic happens.  People actually pause the DVR fast forwarding to backup and watch the commercial.  Everyone at the water cooler in your office is talking about it and passing around the YouTube link.   And that’s exactly what happened today with Haynes Baked Beans.   So I’m passing the link to you and asking: “Can your brand make me smile?”    If not, who is causing creativity blocks in your process.


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