Kiosk showcases new LEED certified building

MSD KioskElectronic Art has built and launched a new kiosk for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) that showcases their new Gold LEED certified office building in the Queensgate district of Cincinnati.  The kiosk provides interactive walk through of the various building components that make it unique and qualified for LEED status.  It also includes video of local officials, vendors, designers and MSD’s executive director discussing why this is important and the challenges of getting to this stage. The video also has a closed caption version.

MSD LEED kiosk

MSD LEED kiosk

Electronic Art worked as a partner with Millimeter Creative agency here in Cincinnati who provided overall project management and design.  We’ve worked with the guys over there several times and they are great.  We’ve consulted with them on application architecture, design and have built their designs bringing the story to life. Then we help to integrate and deploy it to the touch-screen kiosk computers.

The kiosk tells the story of the building’s inception, why it is important and how it is just the beginning of government leading the way on new green architecture and urban planning.  A really good story.  The building is located at 1600 Gest St. in Queensgate and is their new Wastewater Engineering Center. If you get a chance you should stop by that area to check it out. It includes rooftop green gardens, solar panels, rainwater capture devices under the parking lot, locally accessed materials, natural daylighting and recycled materials.  As a gold certified LEED building it is truly efficient and well thought out.  We are happy to have a small role in helping to tell their story of green building methods and going for the gold!

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