2010 Winter of our Discontent

IcyTwigAs the snow blows and piles up in the company parking lot and the temps dip down to the single digits,  I reflect upon the past year and think that it was pure crap!   But, I also think of the fact that we are now officially 8 years old as an incorporated company, (and 11 years old total – sole proprietor for the first several years). We’ve seen a lot of winters come and go, and several recessions and dot com bubbles, and survived.  We’ve seen the technology change and consumer habits change with it. And I reflect upon the great customers we’ve worked with and cool applications and web sites we have created.  It sure has been fun and rewarding.

Our very first web site was for a pyro technics company that fired off fireworks for cities and events.  As a younger man I even helped them set off several fireworks shows that year including the big Cincinnati WEBN fireworks on the Ohio river. It was the very first year they used computers to fire the rockets.  And that relationship started with their web site and a match.

Relationships have been so important to us over the years and we have worked for some great companies such as RIM/BlackBerry, Verizon Wireless, Sanofi Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Charbroil Grills, Kroger, The Freedom Center, Check’nGo, Golden Corral Restaurants, IBM and many non profits and small businesses.  The people at these great companies have been what have made the experience fun and rewarding.  Building trust and delivering quality tools have been our life blood. I want to thank them for sharing in the journey.

Tim Burke CEO

Tim Burke CEO

Most of all, I’d like to thank our wonderful employees who have worked hard on tight deadlines and always come through with good solutions that make our clients happy.  Without a talented team of professionals, we would be nothing.  Our product is not kiosk applications or hardware, and it’s not beautiful and functional web sites or email campaigns.  And our product is not digital signage screens and stunning content… no, our product is our people and our people are our products.  I just want to say thank you to each of you, past and present.

While 2009 did not treat any of us very kindly, and it may seem that the whole year was one long cold winter for business… I feel like it has taught many people valuable lessons in business and life.  It reminds us to take time to prepare during the good times for the eventual downturns, and to store up resources to weather the cold.  It reminds us that we should live within our means and conserve resources.  And it teaches us to remember that relationships, both business and personal are the most important things we posses, and we should nurture them at all times.  Many people are without jobs right now, and many have to downsize and rely on family and friends to help them get through.  They use their personal networks to keep their ears to the track for any opportunities.  Let’s all remember those who have helped us along the journey when times were tough.  Let’s lavish them with love and kindness while we are young and alive.  And in business, let’s be honest, open and trustworthy to our network of customers, prospects, vendors and employees.

Well, I think that our company birthday and scented candles have made me a bit wordy and reflective.  Pardon my melancholy and enjoy what promises to be a good ski season this winter.   If you are in the Cincinnati area, join us for our open house cocktail party January 14th.  Directions on on our contact page.  And follow us on Twitter at http://www.Twitter.com/ElectronicArt or follow me personally at http://www.Twitter.com/KioskGuy,  and let us know what you are up to this winter.   I hope you have a prosperous 2010 and look forward to a warmer season ahead.

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