The rise of Twitter as a social media platform

I’m sure you’ve heard of Twitter by now, unless you live under a big rock.  But you may not know much about it or you may not yet understand how to get the most out of this rising new tool.   Many people try to explain it as the Status Update feature on Facebook, but without the rest of the Cr*p on Facebook.  Yet it’s harder to explain than that, especially when you consider it is only the platform, not the product.  Many companies have launched new services and products based upon the Twitter Platform (including our own at a social network sweepstakes service).

You could think of Twitter as the new Ebay with your coments, links and updates as the product.  Yet it costs nothing.   It’s also called micro-blogging because you are posting your thoughts, business content etc. just like a regular blog, but you are limited to 140 characters or less.  This micro thought forces you to be brief and to the point, funny without being too wordy, and you must give your mini post a bit of thought to ensure it is not too long.  Twitter has seen expenatial growth in the past year, by some reports their audience has grown 752% in 2008.  And there is nothing Micro about that.  If you don’t Tweet yet on Twitter… you will…. you will…

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There are great articles to read up on Twitter, Facebook, Friend Finder and other social tools at and many other locations.  But I recently found this YouTube video of a CBS Nightline episode in February.  I think it does a great job of giving you the highlights of why Twitter is so important.

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