Snow Emergency in Cincinnati

With the large snowfall overnight, our staff are working from home except for a few brave souls who really wanted to test out their new snow tires. Client’s calling our main number will get the after hours message and voicemail company directory. Email is still the best way to reach us during the next day or so as we get through this snow storm. You can also use our contact form on this web site.
Speaking of snow, on a recent trip to Whistler BC I saw an interesting kiosk that relates to it’s environment. The kiosk was built into a Snowboard. The snowboard kiosk was in the customer relations office where you get your lift ticket issues resolved. The kiosk gave you pass information by scanning your season pass. This illustrates the point that a kiosk should be fun and unexpected. Using something specific to your business is a good way to customize the kiosk hardware and experience.
Please pardon the quality of the image as it was taken with a cell phone. My hands were cold… brrr.

A kiosk is often fun and unexpected such as this snowboard kiosk

A kiosk is often fun and unexpected such as this snowboard kiosk

3 Responses to Snow Emergency in Cincinnati

  1. Day two of snow and ice at our offices. We will be working remotely and watching for falling branches. Some locations are without power. Please contact us via email today.

  2. Okay, most of the staff is back in the office today, some are stuck and unable to get out of their driveways. We had a tree fall at the office onto the neighbors parking lot & car, so there is plenty of drama today to get through. Seems like this snow and ice will affect us all for a few more days.