Scala announces Version update to InfoChannel

Scala, provider of end-to-end solutions for the advertising management and digital signage markets, announced that it has released Release version 4 of its Scala5 connected signage software to its customers known as InfoChannel.

Scala’s Research and Development team has expanded since the last release with new resources in the U.S. and in India. The R&D team has also adopted a stronger development methodology for product releases. The growth of the team and the new methodology allowed Scala to announce Release 4 on time and with more features than originally anticipated.

The highlights of Release 4 are:

  • Web Services for Content Manager: allow third-party applications to interface with the Scala Content Manager functionality
  • Ad Manager Tie-In to Content Manager via Web Services: the first phase of integration of Scala Ad Manager with Scala Content Manager
  • Playback Audit EX Module: the new module generates proof-of-play reports showing what media played where, when and how often
  • Media Playback Controls: including “playlist shuffle,” “play N times” from a playlist and “play fullscreen”
  • Time Triggers: added to trigger a playlist at specific times or regular intervals.
  • Scala Designer more Photoshop friendly: Ars Media Photoshop Plug-in has been added to convert Photoshop layered elements to ScalaScript
  • Adobe Flash support has been greatly enhanced to provide smoother, faster, high-quality playback including interactive support, alpha channel and “FlashVars”

Electronic Art will be providing upgrade assistance to our Scala clients and performing the upgrade for those of our customers that we directly provide the service.  This upgrade will bring your systems up to the latest versions.

Looking for digital signage solutions, Scala is a great enterprise wide system for large networks or systems that need to integrate with a lot of proprietary 3rd party data.   Other tools are also available for smaller networks or single screens.  Contact us to find out more information.

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