Where are the kiosks?

I recently returned to the office after traveling in Germany and Switzerland for two weeks. Of all of the things I anticipated seeing before I left, I was very interested in seeing differences in everyday life, especially where technology is concerned. What I found was a little disappointing. I saw very few examples of kiosks or digital signage in Germany and Switzerland. What I did see most of was a chain of stores named “Kiosk” where you could buy something to read or eat before hopping on a train. Thumbs up to the Chilis in the Charlotte International Airport though. They had an excellent digital signage application that allowed people to browse the menu and also integrated ads.

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised, I saw a lot of that in the London area. While it is not pervasive yet, the technology and guiding business principles are getting closer to pervasive. Some countries do a better job than others, and the USA is one of the leaders, especially in retail.

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