Vermont has more than maple syrup & kiosks

I just returned from the beautiful state of Vermont where I met with a new vendor that makes kiosks.  Wait, I should explain, they make “Mall Kiosks”, retail point of purchase enclosures, end caps, retail store fixtures, etc.,  not computer kiosks which is what Electronic Art does.   The quality of their workmanship is spectacular!  We are working with them on Digital signage content for their customers and kiosk applications.   It’s a great partnership that I’m excited about and hope to be able to introduce their services to our clients to bring greater value to our projects.

And while enjoying some Yankee hospitality and taking in the scenic vistas of Vermont, I realized that Vermont has a lot of trees.  I mean a lot… it is so green and natural that it is a bit amazing.   The state as a whole only has about 620K in population, which is only slightly more than all of the Greater Cincinnati area.  Seems like a good place to visit in the winter if you are a fan of Skiing!  I think I’ll be back when it gets colder.

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