‘Stache-Off ’08

Here at Electronic Art, we’re a socially-aware bunch. And just to prove it, we’re supporting the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a little competition of our own – the E.A. ‘Stache-Off ‘08. On August 1st, the handsome men of Electronic Art will shorn themselves back to a natural, moustache-free state and let the growing begin (Guy Dillon has been granted exception in the shaving by the staff as he already has an admirable and stately mustache the likes of which should not be messed with). Each contestant will then grow his (or her? Uhhh … ) facial hair for a duration of 24 consecutive days. No Rogaine, Monoxidil or other hair growth supplements allowed. Random screening for such chemical enhancers will be performed throughout the competition and ‘dopers’ will be disqualified. Judging will be held on August 25th and winners announced by COB on that day. Photographs of the competition will be shared right here on our blog – don’t miss out. Postings will include pre-competition shots as well as interim progress shots and of course, the final judging shots. Winners of the following categories will be announced: change in appearance, style, presentation at judging, and of course the overall best moustache category. If you would like to participate in the E.A. ‘Stache-Off ’08, feel free to submit pre-competition and judging photos for consideration.

“Love is a present that can be given every single day you live.
Learn Chinese: hú zi – mustache. “

-Chinese Fortune Cookie

10 Responses to ‘Stache-Off ’08

  1. I’m in! Although I’m upset that Mr. Dillon is allowed to keep his long and lustrious stache. I fear that his head start will win him the competition. He had better not fall asleep at his desk… for surely a coworker (not me) would shave it for him! And even the playing field. In the tradition of Mark Spitz (kids under 25 see this link), I’m going for the gold.

  2. I’m looking for sponsors. I’ll donate all sponsorship money to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I know I’m not walking in a marathon, or biking the MS150… but the hospital does great work for kids with terrible pain and suffering. So who’s up for it? Doesn’t have to be much…. cost of a lunch?

  3. Now THAT’s dedication! My hat is off to Mr. McMahon for following through. And fear not, Mrs. McMahon – Chris’ ‘stache will be back in its full, unbridled glory soon enough…

  4. I had three and a half hours of sleep last night! I did not even notice the lip hugger was gone. Now that it is bright daylight, I can assure you all that I will only be making direct eye contact with my husband who now looks like a vibrant ten year old boy.

  5. 30 minutes after shaving my Stache on Friday… I go to get some cold beer for everyone at the office, (Except Mr. Dillon, who ducked out early… figures… ) and I got carded when I checked out… they couldn’t believe how young I looked… Hmmm, I should try no facial hair more often. I could pick up younger women! My wife may not like that, however.

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