Some favorite online technologies

A few favorite technologies online in 2008 include which easily enables you to stream video of events, web cams, etc. I first heard of them on the Today Show when some puppies were being shown on UStream in an attempt to find some people to adopt the dogs. Which worked, by the way. I like the concept for broadcasting seminars, product launches, night clubs, etc. for promotional reasons. Finding the use of this technology for our clients is sometimes easy, usually hard. So I’ll just share this fun use of the technology, a live web cam of a squirrel feeder at the north pole, Alaska. Imagine if your company sold squirrel food or feeders?

Other great technologies online include for micro-blogging & Word Press for blogs like the one you’re reading. I can remember back in the late 1990’s when myself and a team of developers would be building tools like this from scratch for clients! Now in the Web 2.0 world we can just bolt on and skin an existing well built, extensible and supported tool for a much lower cost. And it can be used for more than just blogging.  Around each of these technologies other services and tools have erupted, like  , , or . is another tool that we like.  We’ve begun to use it for internal communications as a replacement for some Email and some IM, much like an internal Twitter tool, but with features that make more sense for internal use.

Other tools I love include Adobe Air,  Biometrics, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Multi-touch technology,  and 3-D digital signage.  Just to name a few.  What are your favorite things? Comment below and share your favorites!

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