New Twitter Alert Service

Found a new Twitter alert tool that monitors Twitter posts for keywords you are interested in.  So for example, I may want to see twitter posts about Kiosks, Digital Signage, or our company name, our client’s names or brands, etc.   What a great little tool for monitoring buzz and those little blog posts we call Tweets.  Nice tool guys!    Follow their founder at:   seems like a good guy.

New to Twitter?  Think of it as a very short blog posting tool.  You can post to it via the web, phone, email, sms, etc.   It’s a fun way to keep up with your friends, co-workers, family, etc. and see what’s going on in their lives.  For example, I follow Lance Armstrong which is fun, and Guy Kawasaki(who posts a lot!!) as well as many other people that I actually know personally.  Sometimes the posts are about business, sometimes about what they are currently doing, or thinking, or noticing in the world around them.  Some posts are pure silliness, but often there is much to learn or think about.  This social networking tool can also broadcast your posts to your blog, Facebook, and many other social networking sites.  I have a BlackBerry app that allows me to post on the fly.  And www.TwitPic.comallows you to post pics that you want to Twitter about.  By the way, when you post a message to Twitter, that is what is known as a “Tweet”.   Some people Tweet way too much, and others only Tweet when they have something important to say.  You choose who you want to “Follow” and can block those you don’t want to see your posts.   We are even considering using a private Twitter account as an Internal communications tool inside of Electronic Art, as an alternative to email to keep our inboxes cleaner.

Do you Tweet?  If so, comment with your Twitter page and let us know how to find you!

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