New Partnership with SAMSUNG for Digital Signage

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Samsung for digital signage components such as their commercial LCD and plasma screens.  Sizes from 32″ to 57″ LCD screens and Samsung even has 70″ and 82″ LCD panels. But you had better bring the budget for those sizes!  Most digital signage falls within the 40″ or 46″ sizes.  Samsung has models with ultra thin bezels around the glass that are not only sleeker looking, but also allow you to put several together for a video wall that have nearly no black borders to draw attention to your message.

Many sizes include options for built in digital content players from Samsung for an integrated approach so you don’t have to have separate PC’s to playback your message. The built in players run Windows XP Embedded, which is a smaller commercial version of Windows XP that gives a very stable environment not made for consumers. And Samsung offers a content management tool called Magic Info Pro to allow the content to be managed across the network for a homogeneous solution. Using their built-in player pc’s allow for a total package with fewer cables, better security and a cleaner installation.  Some of the special features include: lamp error detection, brightness sensor, temperature sensor, built-in fan and more depending on the models.

Contact myself or Rob Brinkmeyer for more information on Samsung products or any of the other digital signage products we offer with our custom digital signage content.  Once you get the hardware, you need custom messaging that is on brand and on target, and that is what Electronic Art can do for you… the total package.

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