New Office Signage

118 William H Taft RdI met today with the sign company that is building a new sign for the front of our building.  It should be really nice with Electronic Art and the other building tenants each having a sign panel as part of the overall design.  They hope to have it installed on Sept. 12th., and we are excited.  Frankly, we’ve had our original “New Home of Electronic Art” up for 4 years now… so it’s hardly the new home anymore. 

When we first bought the building and thought about putting up signage, my ultimate fantasy was to have an outdoor digital sign that could be changed remotely, and show full color branding or messaging.  Then I researched the cost, thought about the zoning laws, and kicked that idea to the curb with the Wednesday night trash!  Zoning is probably the hardest part of it, as there are so many restrictions on colors (nothing similar to traffic lights allowed!!), placement, distracting the drivers, etc.   Sheezzz.   The bank down the street put in a digital LED style sign where they can spell out some stuff, and use all kinds of color, but it is also about 75 feet up in the air on steel poles.  That wouldn’t work for our location or budget.

So in the end, we have a nicely designed sign that our designer and architect colaborated on and the sign company helped us fabricate and install… or at least the will.  We are using Holthaus sign companyand working with Meredith Holthaus who is 4th generation Holthaus and 6th generation in the sign industry.  She has been great through the entire process, and gave me a tour of their facility today. Pretty impressive and I love the historical art and signage that they have in their lobby.  They are very technically modern, with a history that goes back several generations.  You have to like that!

So now I’m thinking that our sign inside the building at the receptionist area should be digital, to show off our capabilities with a modern edge, and enjoy the benefits of not having to change out tenant signs periodically.  Install once, and manage electronically.  No zoning issues to worry about, and no more mess!

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