New kiosks installed for the state of Ohio

Today we installed another kiosk for the state of Ohio tourism department & the Freedom Center.   The kiosks are part of a program called “Passage to Freedom” which promotes tourism to historical sites throughout the state that relate to the Underground Railroad.  The kiosks also showcase nearby points of interest and events to make a visit to the area complete.

Today’s installation was at the Ohio Historical Society building in Columbus Ohio.  The program uses custom kiosk software written by Electronic Art and our own EasyShip XL model kiosk with additional signage and screen surrounds.  Harlan Graphics supplies the signage and does a really nice job!

EasyShip Kiosk at OHS

ESP Real Power Protection deviceThe kiosks also utilize the ESP Digital QC Power Filter from which is designed to protect digital equipment from phone, power, & network catastrophic damage and filters disruptive noise found on the AC power line and phone line.  This particular unit is setup to filter power only, which is often a source of hardware damage on electronics.  This little bit of insurance ensures that they will have fewer problems and require fewer field repair visits, which can really add up.

This is the 5th of 6 kiosks purchased for the program to be used onsite at locations to drive traffic and awareness.  The kiosks enhance the web site which is the core of the program (also created and hosted by Electronic Art).  Content is provided by the Freedom Center and the project is sponsored by the state of Ohio and American Express.  Don’t leave home without it.

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