Kiosks for Everyone!

Being still a ‘newbie’ in the kiosk industry, I remain in that fledgling state of fascination at all of the different kiosks I find at work in my own small corner of the world.  Last week, it was a multi-function piece in a Biggs Hypermarket dairy section that gave me a window into all kinds of information from recipes to which diet is right for me and other health-related issues.  This week, it was a kiosk for children (yes CHILDREN!) at IKEA, where kids can play games and draw via touchscreen while their parents ‘play’ in the staged homes of the store.  With this ever-growing level of accessibility and now the introduction of kiosks to young children, the mind reels to think of the endless possibilities.   As I see the self-service footprint growing around me, I grab my husband’s hand and shout my battle cry: ‘LOOK! Kiosk!’ and charge with camera-phone in hand (I’d post the images, but alas, it’s not a GREAT camera-phone and would do no justice to my subjects). My husband replies ‘You are such a nerd.’

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  1. Becky, while you are a fairly new employee at Electronic Art, it is great to see you get excited about selfservice the way that I do. I do the exact same thing, but my wife just usually keeps on walking, knowing that I’ll eventually catch back up. I’ve got lots and lots of pictures of kiosks out in the real world. Which is sometimes discussed on my Kiosk Blog at I also put a lot of the photos at Flickr. I have to check out the Ikea Kiosk and Biggs Kiosk, they sound interesting.

  2. You should get a BlackBerry phone, they have pretty decent cameras on them. You can adjust the quality settings and get pretty big size images from them too.

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