Green Bio-Friendly Kiosks

The good folks at have published a “perspective” I wrote on Green Kiosks.  This was originally an entry in my Kiosk Blog.  After writing that, I received a few solicitations on companies making so called green products.  They didn’t seem so green to me.  I’m still looking for a good material and method for building a green kiosk.   I got a mistaken request to link to someone in LInkedIN, and while I didn’t know the person, his company was interesting:  Sb Bioplastics.  Bio-Plastics… now that is an interesting concept.  Resins made from plant material, etc.,  would definitely be a start in the right direction.   I would need to research what aspects of it might not be so green (manufacturing process, recycling process, degradability, etc.)  but it sound promising.

I also recently answered a question on LinkedIn that asked about Digital signage and the industry’s need to respond to the fact that some dangerous gasses are used in creating LCD / Plasma screens.  The question was:  “In July, a scientist at Cal-Irvine released an article saying that NF3, a gas used in LCD and plasma screen production, is 17,000 times as powerful as carbon dioxide and may be harmful to the environment. ”    The article can be seen here.

I wrote a long response, but the web site gave me errors when posting, so I replied privately.  Perhaps I can get it posted publically somehow.  Anyway, the question is located here.   Read, respond, and consider the need to tighten processes.  LCD’s are used in digital signage as well as kiosks, so this is really a larger IT related topic. What do you think about this topic?   Comment below.

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