Google Chrome Announced

Google released a beta version of it’s open source browser yesterday. Chrome has some pretty innovative ideas which are detailed in a behind the scenes webcomic. While a beta version for Mac is still under development I am excited to see how it stacks up against Mozilla’s Firefox.

3 Responses to Google Chrome Announced

  1. Perhaps once it is fully developed it will get integrated with Kiosk Operating Systems as default browser engine. However, since a kiosk may need to surf to a page with ActiveX or other IE only technology… it’s unlikely to happen soon. I wish it would support ActiveX controls, that would solve so many issues. Also, I noticed that it doesn’t play nice with Sharepoint, Exchange Web email, etc. which use Active Directory logins. Perhaps there is a fix for that? I’m optimistic about this browser though, and think they have a chance to gain a larger marketshare than Mozilla. Safari also has a chance to take away marketshare from IE since it is more developed and part of Iphone / Itunes / Mac integrations. That is really how IE has won thus far… Windows integration and dependency. (wasn’t there a lawsuit over that??)