Evolution of kiosk design

I was in my favorite coffee shop this morning (Moca at DeSalles corner) talking to the owner.  He was chatting me up about kiosks and a project we are doing for the state of Ohio.  I then find out he used to work for a local design shop called “Digital Bang” years ago, and they did a few kiosk projects for P&G and others.  He wanted to know what kiosk form factors we used, etc.  as the old kiosks back in 2001 (ancient history…right?) looked so much like big ATM’s and had troublesome components in them.  He said they just never “caught on”.   This started the conversation of the importance of design, not only in interface design, but in structure and enclosures, etc.  I know I’m biased, but I feel that here at Electronic Art we do a good job of creating sexy hardware enclosure designs, not just “easy to build in a wood shop” designs.  We paid an industrial designer to create our initial design for the Easy Ship, which is a zoomy steel pole design.  It is in the Borgata Casino Hotel, Verizon Wireless street teams use it, the Freedom Center uses it, and the state of Ohio is using the new Easy Ship XL.  Just to name a few.   I promise, we will never make the boxy ATM style kiosks.  They are just plain old Ugly!  Design matters, and every touch point with your customer should be of high quality.

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