Electronic Art Recovering from ‘Stache-Off Turmoil

Checking in from Week #3 of the ‘Stache-Off. This week started off with a surprising turn of events as competitor Jered Smith withdrew from the event, marking our first entry onto the DL. After suffering a Mandibular Follicular Fracture, he will be recovering at an undisclosed clinic in Florida. Taking his place in the competition will be Dan O’Keeffe of O’Keeffe Communications. Be sure to check out Dan’s stats on our Official ‘Stache-Off Page, and give him your support, as he attempts to overturn the competition with ONE WEEK of growth. Good luck, Dan!

One Response to Electronic Art Recovering from ‘Stache-Off Turmoil

  1. If Dan O’Keeffe wins with only one week of growth, I’ll dye my mustache grey… oh wait, it is already grey! Those Italians can grow hair super fast… scarry.

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