EA is at KioskCom & AnEventApart this week

This week is an odd week where many staff members are not in the office at Electronic Art.  Myself and Rob Brinkmeyer will be exhibiting at www.KioskCom.com , an industry trade show for kiosks, digital signage and everything related.  Come see us in NYC and see our kiosk & digital signage hardware and software services.

Also, Chris and Erik are in Chicago at www.aneventapart.comfor web design listening to notable industry speakers such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Cameron Moll and many others.  It’s a total geek fest from what I can tell.  Chris is making updates to Twitter throughout the conferences, his remarksare a crackup.  Sounds like a sea of Apple fans.  Not that we are not fans, Erik is a Mac head here in our office.  I just think it is funny that design happens on Macs and the world reads web pages primarily on Windows.  Such is the world for now, unless Apple can gain more market share!   (Go APPL, I own your stock in my retirement…)

I will also keep my Twitter & Facebook pages updated throughout KioskCom.  And we will hopefully be able to update this blog with some interesting show information.   Gotta go pack and catch an early flight to Manhattan.  Later!

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