A Fine Line, Indeed.

Musing late yesterday afternoon about some very interesting application possibilities involving geolocation technology (location-based services), and  I had that hair-raising moment when I realized how much creepy potential lies therein (hey, I read Orwell’s 1984…). There’s something comforting about being able to drop off of everyone’s radar if you choose to do so. So there it is: the line. That fine line between a super-useful and convenient technology, and a very disconcerting surrendering of privacy. But in reading today, maybe Yahoo has the answer to this conundrum in a little thing they call Fire Eagle. The difference is that Fire Eagle is permissions-based – giving your marketing efforts mobile accessibility while leaving your audience in control of their experience.   Check out the whole story.

One Response to A Fine Line, Indeed.

  1. I think Fire Eagle has real potential. I’d like to get some R&D time to determine how our clients can benefit, and tie it all into a cohesive marketing plan.

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